Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Update after long hibernation last post was 6 months ago. Sorry for not updating. I just lost the blogging omph. But today I have so much of emotion and feelings, and reading some of my friends' blog full of saddening events definitely doesn't help. Which is why I decided to let them out here. Sorry if you are expecting a decent update from me, because this is going to be an emotional one.

Exam is next week. Yea procrastination rocks. But seeing that this is my last exam as a student, I want to end it decently, at least with a CGPA of 6 and above. CGPA 6.6 for Dean's Commendation is practically impossible (Unless I score all 7 this semester), so that probably, or partially explain why I didn't have motivation at all.

Maybe as people grow older, their hearts grow further apart. It's so hard to find someone who you can talk to nowadays. As we grow older, our ability to adapt weakens. We no longer want to compromise, let alone learn from each other. When people say high school mates are your best friends for life, I didn't realize how true that is until now. I so want to give someone a call and let it all out, yet everyone seems busy (Or at least Su Teng really is!). But maybe I wasn't trying hard enough for not looking for others. But well, assuming everyone is busy and felt like you're forever alone makes you feel more pathetic and add on to your emoness, yea self-torturing. But would it scare you off if I say self-torturing actually comforts me? What a maniac. Ah well. I drifted off. Yea. People are so complicated nowadays.

Near Future
Near future problem, well probably they aren't worth mentioning. But it's just, there are so many decisions to make in a short time, and so I shrug them off procrastinating, which doesn't help. Trips after finals (and yes this takes people problem into account), should I go to Melbourne alone, family trip during graduation, when to return to Malaysia (what to do if I stay, and does it worth the higher fare price to return early). Yea. So much to think of. And longer-term problems doesn't help at all.

Further Future
All the while our goal is pretty short-sighted. High school, study hard, play hard, work for Pre-U scholarship. Pre-U, the same thing for degree. And after degree? Get a job. The question is, Malaysia or Australia?

Honestly speaking, I want to go back to Malaysia. It is my home, my root. I should be serving my community, not Australian. But being here for a year really makes me think. Realistically speaking, I see a struggling future in Malaysia. Salary raise is not on par with inflation. In Australia, we can live well with AUD3000 per month, but RM3000 in Malaysia is just barely enough for one to survive, let alone save/invest for the future. And yes, politics. Government does not help at all.

Sum if all up. Yea, problems, problems everywhere. But well life is full of problems, and all about decision making. I guess it's all part of growing up. I am growing old!!!! Adulthood? Honestly, I am not ready for you yet. Can you come later please?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Update

Hi guys. I know I have been slacking and not updating lols.

Okay la, I was busy with exams and doing things that I don't usually do in Msia, like cooking, groceries shopping, so you can't really blame me for being lazy in updating right? XPPP

*But you can forget the fact that I didn't update much back in Msia as well*

First of all, I apologize if this post is boring cause' there's no photo. I didn't take much lately. And internet at my house sucks shit that I can't even google for pictures properly. Screw it serioously.

Social life here is good, yeap, and I think it could be better. :P *Greedy* Cause' there are still times where I can't find what to do and ended up slacking at home, yea. And guys, study is not part of the to-do list even if you are bored. LOLOL.

So now it's autumn here. At first I thought it was so cool that the weather is so nice, like walking in the aircond room everyday outside, but in the morning when you have to get out from bed, it's bloody cold. Hands is really freezing weih! Like in Msia if you are too cold with the aircond you just switch it off, but here it's just....cold, yea. *Don't ask why don't I wear gloves! It's damn fish to wear gloves when it's only autumn when Aussies are walking around in singlets. lol* Ok I exaggerated, they wear singlets only in the noon time when it's around 20-ish degree? But still! They don't cover much even at night. geez.

2 months and 4 days here. What I like about Brisbane? Traffic. Public transport. Safety. Cheap stuff (If you don't convert, dollar to dollar it's really cheap). Clean environment. Helpful staffs.

How about what I DON'T like? Weather. My sucky house. BIG SIZE SHIRTS EVERYWHERE. Bugs. Have to clean, cook, daily goods shopping. I think I still had a lot of stuff to complain but I just forgot. Lemme remind you when I remember.

Why did I decided to suddenly post today?

Well, cause' today was a pretty good day for me and I wanted to share. But I think I needa clear my accumulated debts (updates) beforehand, hence today's update. So yea. haha

In the morning I went for groceries shopping with Laiyee and Waikeong. Took bus all the way to Sunnybank (Let's just say it's an hour of bus journey). Sunnybank is the place where you can get a lot of Asian goods so we usually shop there. After lunch, we, I mean they, went to K-Mart and do some clothes shopping. I didn't buy anything cause' I am too small in size. T.T Time to work out, like seriously. Oh, K-mart is like Tesco, cheap stuff

Then we reached home around 4. And Brian called me for basketball at 5. I didn't know how to go so I just blindly go with the mobile's aid. Darius and Brian picked me up from Regatta Ferry terminal (errr Regatta is like 15 minutes bus away from my place), and we went to the court near Samuel's place. Played with a pro dude there lol. FYI, the last time I touched a basketball was 2 or 3 years ago with TTC gang at night. And the 2nd last time was high school PJK time. LOLOLOL. And I am not even a pro. lols BUT STILL! Today I managed to score 2 points. :DDDD I mean, get 2 balls into the basket and we aren't playing official game of by counting 2/3 points.

After the game, Siew Foong picked me up from Samuel's place, and the G-race winning team went to spend out vouchers! :D (If you can't recall G-race go check my previous post please? I would love to post a link to it here but you know, shitty internet *shrugs*, it becomes a good excuse) Free dinner tonight lols.

Destination: Cafe Briz @ West End
With our free burgers! XP (left to right: Me, Vania, Anna, KitHoe, Daniel, Ario, Jessica and Siew Foong) Vianne is not here with us. :/ She's resting at home. XPPPP
 So after dinner at West End, we went to City for dessert. It's free from our prize as well! XP
frozen yogurt at Nominom

Yea as you can see I posted two photos despite the internet difficulties. So I am excused from elaboration right? LOL. sorry la it's late here I am getting sleepy. XP Just wanna say thank you peeps for the great companion. Social life is much better (especially with free food and dessert!) than staying at home with sucky internet. XP

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Burpday Su Teng Chan! XD

*Thou shall read this in an advertising tone*

130405 marks the beginning of adultery adulthood of Ms. Su Teng Chan. :P She who turns 21 today shall no longer be a girl, but a WOMAN, LADY, and AUNTY. XDDD  (For some reason I feel that this sentence will turn the whole 92-born girls my enemies)

Ok I should stop being mean as today is her birthday. XPPP You know I don’t mean it :P

So 7 years or friendship, 5 years of besties, though we meet probably once a year, but I can always count on you whenever hardship hits me. Remember to count me in when you have something to gossip about kay? (Okay that just officially turned me into a bat-gong)

So before the day ends, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again! The moment you see this, this shall be the 5th birthday message that I’ve sent you. Whatsapp, call, fb wall post, fb message and lastly BLOG POST. :D

Why did facebook appear twice? Because 4 medium and 5 wishes mark 0405 which is your birthday. XDDDD Now you know why did I keep annoying you today. XPPPP

All the best Indian-to-be girl! XP

Lotsa love from
Your gossip partner. XP

PS: Sorry if the call didn't last very long. XPPP The phone battery decided to run low at this moment. :( Somehow I got a lot of things to say before I call but they just don't appear during the call. Anyways, it's 1.21am and your birthday is long over here XDDD *Hinting how awesome a friend I am to call you eventhough ur birthday is over* XP Call u again kay? And because of that call I've discovered that my phone plan gives me 300 minutes of free call per month, that is usable even for INTERNATIONAL CALL. =D Maybe I can start spamming on calls hehe. Anyways, this is too long for a PS so I should stop here. Once again have a great birthday! ;)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brissy VS Malaysia

Hi again. I am now stoning in the uni library to wait for my club activity to start. T.T So as promised, I shall give you a post on the differences between Brissy and Malaysia (KL in particular). I will try to make this as interesting as possible because I don't have pictures with me XOXO.

1. Driving
Well you probably be thinking, "No need to explain la, KL driver so ganas, Aussie drivers should be more gentlemen and courteous." Well, you may be true, but only partly: They ARE courteous, but GANAS!

For my first few days here I felt like a noob stopping at the zebra crossing, trying to wait for the car to pass through so I can cross the road. So yea, imagine the car just approaches the zebra crossing, and goes slower....sloooowwwer......and SSSSLLLLOOOOOOWEEEERRRRR..... until they stop right in front of you. Yea. Just for you to cross. LOL. Malaysian drivers? They honk gao you if you try to cross when they are speeding towards you, even if they are miles away. lol. Yea, the first few days the drivers probably thought like "Why are there so many jakun kids who don't cross the road despite standing at the zebra cross". So yea, now I cross the road feeling LIKE A BOSS.

But well, courteous is one thing, GANAS is another. They drive really fast on the street. Oh speaking of which, Malaysia's roads and highways are much wider than Brissy's streets.But well, despite having smaller streets, they still drive WAY FASTER than us. So yea, having emergency brakes on the bus is starting to become more and more normal to us. lols. And they somehow like to brake only right in front of the traffic light, instead of braking from far away. I dunno, maybe I lack observation. XP

2. Malls
OMG MALLS. I miss Malaysia malls. Their malls are like......small. And they closes at 5.30pm like what the heck, where do we go at night???

 Well the restaurants are still opened in the mall, but the other shops are closed (except those big anchors) so except dinner you probably have no reason to go to the mall. T.T But well....on specific days of the week they close later, at 9:00pm for instance.But still, 9:00pm~~ the night is still young weih!

3. Food
As a chicken lover (and partly because I don't eat beef due to religious reasons), I find myself very kesian here. Chickens are MORE EXPENSIVE than beefs and lambs!!!

T.T Chicken burger usually cost a dollar, if not two, more than beef and lamb burger. So sad. But on the side note, pork aka babi are freely available everywhere. So if I don't feel like eating chicken I can still go for pork. :D In Malaysia probably I will need to stick to chicken.

Btw, I have not eaten A SINGLE FISH throughout my whole month here. I don't generally see fish burgers or stuff. They do sell salmon-made food but well, expensive la weih. And yea, because I dunno how to cook fish *pokes fingers* so I don't buy. Someone wanna come and cook for me? Puh-lease~ :P

4. Streets
The streets are undoubtly CLEAN. No trash around, seriously. Probably because it's too safe here, the street lights are so DIM~~~ Only the main streets are thoroughly lit, the smaller streets are so dark~~~ Scary weih at night.

(Click picture to view source)
 This is not the picture that I took from Brisbane. But yea, it's dark something like this here. Scary huh?

Well since I am already on the issue of safety, let's just talk about their houses. Many of the houses here have NO GATE. seriously. Even if they do a lot of them aren't even closed/locked. Some houses don't even have FENCES.  Like what the heck. This are things we heard from our grandmother's generation when Malaysia was still safe. Now? Double lock triple lock in Malaysia also no use. Haih.

So yea, I guess this is what I've noted for the month? Let me know what else you wanna know and if it's interesting, I shall make it my next post. hehe. Until then, tata.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Month Anniversary in Brisbane

Hehes people. To be exact I am here for one month and a day. Yea I know I have been lazy to update, cause' my Internet here suck. :P Sorry for the lack of update! XD

So many things happened during the month and I don't know how to start. haha. Well no worries, mostly good things la. So I will briefly summarize them ok?

16th to 22nd Feb (aka my Week 1 here)
- Landed in Brisbane, and swapped my luggage with someone who is now my friend. hahaha
- Hunted for house. Settled down
- Attended Orientation Week
- Joined SIX clubs (Yes you heard them right. SIX) during Market Day.
- Explored Brisbane.
Casino at Brisbane City (nah, we hadn't gone in before, yet)

Night view of city from Southbank

View of city from CityCat (CityCat is the name of the ferry service)

23rd Feb to 2nd March (Official Week 1 of Semester)
- Started lectures in Uni. Some are really....boring. Omigod now I really appreciate how HELP lecturers go straight to the point instead of turning a big round to tell you some/a lot of unnecessary things.
- No tutorials for the week, so went to explore more. Basically just having fun
- Went for Amazing G-Race organized by CCM (Campus Christian Movement). My team got first place for our category! :D :D :D Made some amazing friends there. ;)
We won! :D (Photo credits to CCM photographer)
- Started cooking ;)

PS: Food photos are compilation of our cookings throughout the whole month of our stay here

3rd to 9th March
- Went to UQMSA (UQ Malaysian Students' Association) Welcoming BBQ. It rained. :( And we left early cause' we had to do groceries shopping earlier before the Internet dude comes to the house and address our internet problem (yea, and in the end our problems are not solved. what the heck)
Photo credits to UQMSA

- Tutorials started. OMG starting to face problems. Answers are not direct and unless you really know things inside out, you really have problems with some of the classes. Especially I have CORPORATIONS LAW (law, what do you expect? You must know inside out lol) and ISSUES IN FINANCIAL REPORTING (Basically it's all the accounting standards, or you can call them LAW for ACCOUNTANTS)
- Some friends tried to move out, so I just joined them. But yeah, a lot of things happened in between, let's just say we finally decided to stay here.
- Celebrated Jason's birthday. XD
His cake! Baked by Esther and Xiau Wei. And yea, he got a condom as his present. XD

10th to 16th March
- Got my textbooks. Finalleh! Need to start studying soon. Or I think I wouldn't be able to catch up later. So...coming Easter Break, study time! T.T So sad
- Well at this week I sorta settled down, like really settled down, both physically and mentally. So nothing special now, got used to the routine, so yeap. Not much to update here now teehee.

So peeps. That concludes my first month here. I shall update more on some notable cultural differences in the next update kay? So stay tuned!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Err sorry that I don't know how to translate that Chinese idiom of the blog title. It literally means "the head of the boat will be straighten eventually when it reaches the port", which means things will turn out well eventually.

OK enough of Mandarin lesson. Sorry for the emo post yesterday. Thanks for all those who gave your concern. I've got my luggage back :D

The whole story is like this:

When I found out that I got the wrong baggage, I was still very calm. I thought it must be someone from the same van (the van that UQ sent to pick us up) as I was so sure that I've checked my luggage when I pick it up as I took something out from it.

Then before I slept, I was suddenly hit by the fact that the luggage I checked was actually the hand-carried one. I took out a file from the hand carry, so I wasn't that sure if I took the right one back from airport anymore. I started to get panicked.

This morning after trying to search for help from uni with no avail, I was sort of depressed, and posted the post which some of you may have seen.

Then I decided to call my mom. I dunno why I couldn't call MAS, so she called on my behalf. but MAS asked us to call Brisbane Airport and report to the Lost and Found department first. But apparently no one reported luggage loss or mistook my luggage, so I was even more upset. But the airport side told me to bring the luggage back to the airport, and if they found mine, they will deliver it to my place. So well, I guess I have to go to the airport via taxi since I don't know how to take bus there yet. A 20 minutes distance cost around AUD60 one way. My wallet....

But well, before I depart to the airport, the Lost and Found department called me again, and told me the lady who took my luggage reported. So I was told if possible we meet up ourselves instead of going to the airport, and the airport then gave me her number. So I was worrying where should I meet them, and what should I do to carry that heavy luggage around using bus, which I still had no experience with.

But so ngam, she asked me to meet at UQ. And then, apparently her daughter is studying there too. And apparently again, she was from the same van. And yes, the luggage was swapped when they left the van. So I wasn't that blur to take the wrong one at the airport. But still blur enough not to be able to tell if I double-checked if that's my luggage at the airport. So we happily swapped out luggage.

FYI, our luggage looks THE SAME except the size differs. Hers is slightly bigger, and A LOT heavier. lols. But yea, like I said, it's like everything is pre-arranged by Guan Yin Ma. So many so ngams, so that I was able to get my luggage back without much hassle.


I Wanna Go Home!!!

I have safely arrived at Brisbane. But seriously??? Why are all the bad things hitting me here?

I have problem finding temporary accommodation, but it was finally settled like, 2 hours before deadline of airport pickup application.

Then the house that I have scheduled for inspection is cancelled a day before departure, cause' it is rented out.

Then I almost left my passport at home the morning before the flight.

And when I arrived, I mistook others' luggage and didn't realize until I reached Jason's place. Now I have no idea what to do seriously. Uni offices are not open so I have no idea where to get help.

I seriously miss Malaysia where you can get help anywhere easily. Even outside, if U got lost, the are shops around open till late night, and information counter is everywhere. You just need to ASK. Here I can't even find where to ask. Sobs

Me wanna go home! T.T

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pre-Departure is my last day before leaving to Brisbane. I shall see Malaysia in 10 months time.

Few months ago, even a few weeks ago, I was so excited and thought I was mentally prepared to leave. But now when reality kicks in, everything seem so unreal. I don't feel like leaving now.

Everything seem so unreal to me, that I am leaving house, staying alone, taking care of myself for the first time in a foreign environment. For 10 months, I will have to depend on myself, no petting from parents. No matter how independent I claimed I were, in the end, I am still being taken care of by my parents.

I need not worry about money,
I have people wiser than me to turn to,

In other words, I can get things settled even when I ran out of resources, ideas or got lost in life. So for the very first time, I am on my very own.

No kakak to cook for me,
Nobody to do groceries shopping for me,
No kakak to do house chores,
and many more.

Like what da hell, I am missing home even before leaving @.@. Usually people get homesick a few weeks or months after leaving, I think I can set a Guiness World Record now. lols

So, today,
I had my last homecook meal,
Drove for the last time,
Showered at home for the last time,
Sat in my living room for the last time,
Will be sleeping on my bed for the last time,
and the next time I do all these, it will be 10 months later.

Annyeong~ Home, you shall be missed.

Monday, January 21, 2013

1st Post of 2013

Kekeke yeoleobun annyeong! Today is 21st of January, and this is my first post of the year. lols.

Hmm basically January is treating me well. I have lots of meet up with friends, high school friends, college friends, and uni friends.

Well basically the first week of New Year is sorta like a "Prefects Week" yo. We've met for 3 times in 10 days. lols.

On 2nd Jan (Wednesday), right after class I went to meet them at Pyramid. We had makan session, bowling, and more makan. lols.
One friend with relationship that is hard to describe. XP
Everyone that attended less Kah Lok
With Becca, the bff among the girls. ;)
With the S4 people XP
S2, S1, S3. 
K.Disiplin VS K.Penyelaras
Well apparently we didn't have enough talking, and so we've decided to meet again for karaoke and 2nd round of crapping session, which was on the 7th January (Monday).

And and....I've forgot to bring my camera around that day. So we didn't have any shots during karaoke session. But yea, Becca took some. Not a group one. XD So no photos of Lieyang and Teddy here. :P

2nd session was held at SS2 Neway + SS2 Pasar Malam. After the dinner, we continued at Chatime since Murni was closed that day. Lols. Basically we camwhored A LOT at Chatime la so here's one of them:

Our camwhore session at SS2 Chatime. Photo stolen from Becca.

The 3rd one was kinda impromptu because some of us had decided to meet with Edrea after her exams (which ended on 8th Jan). So on 9th Jan, we went to Pyramid again.

Basically we lepak-ed at Ninja Joe and then walked around with Lieyang for his pre-China trip shopping.
Oops, we only taken this after Jules left. XDDD

So in conclusion, in 10 days time, I've seen Khai Hoe 3 times, Lieyang, Becca, Teddy, Kahlok, Karluis and Jules 2 times, Edrea, Jinyee and Zongyao once. Well it's kinda the same people since that's the period when only these people are free XD Those who are here are either having classes or working, and those who are abroad, ya know, macam mana nak attend? XP So this is kinda like a compensation for those who missed last year's annual gathering la so yea. :P

And then on the 10th January, I went out (again) with uni mates to celebrate Mr. Ang's belated birthday. Xiu Keong is 21st la! People grow big on the 8th Jan dy, and we only celebrating on 10th since mm ngam timing.

Went to 1U Wong Kok after class. This lengzai aka birthday boy forgot to bring his wallet of all days. Just when we were disappointed that we couldn't claim the giant birthday milk tea, he showed the waiter his scanned IC using his phone. Lols. So after they check, pass! 8D Giant milk tea! kekeke

Birthday boy and his giant milk tea
The guys - camwhore XP
And the girls insist to do a camwhore after we did XD

Xiu Keong and Xiu Bear Bear

Group pic before we forget XP

Then Ben and Esther left early. The rest of us went to arcade. Lols. Hell of a work out! hahaha. Basically I played the dance pad like...2 times for a total of 6 songs. I feel so noob playing the "easy" mode. lols. If it's finger keyboard I would opt for "Insane mode" XDDD

And yea, me broke after so many outings. lols.

But well we still needed a gathering - The foundation 1st sem gang. So on last Saturday (19th Jan), a few of us managed to come out after such a long planning. We have planned this like....forever. lols. Sadly some of us weren't that close anymore. But still, 5 managed to turn up. Four of us, except Xiau Wei, had lunch and gossiped and kepochi for a good few hours, while the poor girl was waiting at the saloon for the hair to be done. And when she's done, we had to leave. :/

But still, a group pic is a must XP

So that's it for my January?

Well if you noticed between 10th and 19th there's a huge gap that I was doing nothing right? Well no! My maid took a one week leave, so I had to do most of the house chores considering that I only attend 6 hours of classes per week. =.="

Basically I cooked, I washed, I mean the washing machine washed, the clothes and I hung them, I swept the floor, I mopped it, I *roughly* cleaned the toilet (Which is just pouring the toilet detergent in and scrub a bit la.....).....and err err......why is the list so little? I thought I did a lot...? O.O


It's a great improvement for me la, considering the fact that I don't usually do them......LOLs. Not that I don't know how to do, but yea, there's a reason you hire a maid you know? hahahahah XD

Well so, that's the 21 days of my January. AND CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!???


OMG OMG I am so excited and at the same time, WORRIED because I have NOT SETTLED my accommodation!! >< Hope everything's going to be fine *fingers crossed*

That's it for my update today! :D Tata!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sending off 2012 for a better 2013

In less than one hour time, we will be greeting 2013 and put 2012 in memories. So, the world didn't end, and now what?

Before I proceed, allow me to settle some unfinished business that procrastination has led me to. Yea, I have not updated for more than one month because I am busy too lazy. XD So let me give you a quick recap on what I did for the past month:

1. Class started, my last semester in HELP, basically busy with my preparation to UQ next year la. Busy with visa application, medical checkup, scholarship application (and yea if you read my facebook, I tried to look for 11 out of my 15 lecturers, only managed to see 8 of them, 6 didn't want to/can't help to write recommendation letter for that and I finally found two "victims" - according to Ms. Liew). Now everything is done, I will need to worry about my accommodation then. :S

And yea, lately I have been playing badminton with my friends. So me no lifeless staying at home 24/7 now! :D ( there anything to be proud of?)

2. Attended You Hang & Ming Yoke's Wedding

3. I met up with Becca who came back from Austalia together with Edrea. Went to SS2 to makan, chit chat and stuff. Nice catching up ;)

4. Went to Bali with family. Erm...overall not as great as I imagine. Probably we walked around other places more than we go to the beach. After all, Bali is meant for romantic getaway (fantasizing). Not to mention there are a lot of flies there.

5. Farewell for YewHo who's going to Nebraska. All the breast yo! You know I love you <3 p="p">

That basically concludes my December. And now, to send off 2012, let's do it in style(?)!

- According to facebook, my photo with most "like" of the year goes to:

A PHOTO THAT I TOOK FOR SUILUN!!!!! / . \ Epic Phail.....

- I blogged only 47 times this year
- After two semesters this year, I managed to improve 0.01 CGPA from last year.
- Met with my friends from Japan - Mami and Natsuki

- I went out a lot:
- I got affected by Hallyu (aka Korean Wave): Running Man, GG, We got Married, K drama, etc etc XD
- Basically I did nothing else to be proud of. / . \

Conclusion: Another year wasted in vain? What's resolution for next year?
- Score 7.0 in UQ
- Get into Dean's List
- Join at least three clubs (I searched thru the club list and I have LOADS in mind)
- GAIN 10 KG
- Enjoy my LAST YEAR as a UNI STUDENT.

So people, it's 12am now,


Hi 2013!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eff off

When you want to do something that utilizes other people's time and effort, please do get other people's consent before even getting it started. Doesn't mean you are the leader you get to decide without giving others a chance to object. When you insist of doing it, I have the right to slack, and help only if I've settled my own business no matter how trivial my business is.

And the fuck is, when I offer my help, I don't appreciate a lecture on how I am "supposed to help from the beginning because this is a team project". You didn't ask for my agreement, so technically I am forced into it even if I don't like it. You never ask me to do anything, and I am more than happy to slack around. When I offer my sincere helping hand and have it poorly treated, the more reasons I have for not participating. The fuck it's not like I enjoy helping. I put aside my time to help and I don't expect to get shit from you. So what if I am in holiday? My time is mine and if you want my help, please RESPECT me and ASK beforehand.

Who the fuck cares if you are older? Being older doesn't give you the right to order people around. Talk about communication? Fucking ironic when you're the one who are always so eager to teach people on how to communicate. It's like an F grade teaching people how to score an A grade.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Penang Trip

Wah I've just realized I have not updated for a month. T.T Sorry

Some little update about my holiday. I've finished finals for around 3 weeks by now. Basically I've just done the usual thing, staying at home watching drama and playing games. This time around I am better yo! I went for badminton with uni friends. hahaha. Sorry no pictures for that. I don't snap photo around on everything I do as I used to. So yea sorreh~!

And this Tuesday I went to Penang with my uni friends. 3D2N trip. I became their tour guide and GPS by accident. Long story short, it's mostly a food trip. But since they have taken all the food photo with their smartphones (and I didn't use much of my stupidphone since I have DSLR), I've taken some of the group shots and scenery la.

Maybe the pictures will do better than me talking. (I am becoming more and more lazy to type I know)

Start of the journey: Wai Keong and his bone

The lengzais. Most lengzai on the left. XD

Hor hor yiyayor~! (Bu the scenery on the ferry is pretty good de XD)

Jjang jjang!

Couple of the day

Reached Penang and our first food-stop: Big Tree Leg (Direct Chinese translate XD)

Shining angel? Lolz......


Sleeping on his bone

Unique sleeping pose? note his leg posture XD (PS: this is Chin Wai) caught stalking him.

Guess what we watching......(It's crayon shin chan. XD)

Day 2 - Visit to Penang Hill
Yours truly on the cable car - the Jakun version

But my jakun-ness immediately lose to the....extremely Jakun version.

From Penang Hill

Group shot with Penang Town behind

Er yang atas tak ada aku. Yang ini baru group shot. XD

Penang conquer mode ON

The couple with Penang as background

AES on Penang Hill?

There's a big owl behind...

Still small meh? Sit choo choo train

Wai Keong is no more~

Chin Wai and his "gun"

The poor bone throughout the trip: Constantly referred to as the "hole" Use your imagination la.

Since we didn't go to the beach, he is buried under the pillow instead of the sand. 

Wai Keong conquering SUCCESS! 

So basically that's about it? Hehs. For food, erm, go find Chin Wai's facebook instagram. He has it all there. XD Tata!